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Marketing insurance through banks is not new to us. Since our inception we have set up and successfully run dozens of bank owned insurance agencies. NO ONE has more years of experience running bank owned insurance agencies than we do.

We have a "Turn Key" program assisting banks to establish and operate a full-time bank owned insurance agency. These agencies will provide the bank with valuable Fee Income while minimizing the cost and administrative responsibilities of running an Insurance Agency.

If you are a bank or financial institution and already have an established insurance subsidiary or insurance program we offer Consulting Services to help you maximize the return on your new or existing program.

All marketing programs are designed to fit into your existing bank culture and provide bank fee income.  


This will serve as a broad outline of a joint venture proposal. Actual Joint Venture proposal between the Bank and the Anthony R. Davis Agency would be based on the type of Agency relationship desired by the Bank, as well as the numerous marketing and servicing responsibilities of the involved parties.

Set Up

We propose that  "Bank" and Anthony R. Davis Agency, hereafter referred to as "Davis" enter into a Joint Venture to market insurance products through an insurance agency, hereafter referred to as "Agency". Bank would own and control the Agency 100%.


The expenses to Bank would be the cost of the annual insurance agency license fees, stationary expenses, telephone line expenses and Errors and Omissions Insurance costs for the agency. Annual costs are projected not to exceed $3,000-$4,000 annually. These are not estimated expenses. These expense figures are based on actual expenses incurred by current Bank/Agency Joint Venture relationships which have been on going for more than one year.

Control and Responsibility

The business generated would be completely controlled and owned by Agency. Davis would be responsible for the marketing and servicing of insurance policies to Agency customers.

Either party may terminate the agreement with no less than 180 days of written notice other than for fraud or misappropriation of monies.

Marketing and Servicing of Bank Policies

If the Bank's Property and Casualty policies are serviced by Davis Agency, there would be a commission sharing on a 50/50 basis. This will have a net effect of reducing bank's current cost of insurance.

Commercial and Joint Venture Policies

A concentrated effort should be made to market Commercial Insurance to the customers of Bank as well as to any joint venture partners of Bank.


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